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RateX is now LIVE on three new sites! Starting today, you can use our browser extension to get the latest coupon codes for DeliverooEmirates and Rosegal every single time. Be it getting new outfits for school, flights for upcoming holidays or even a simple meal, we got your back.



If you’ve been a fan of Honestbee so far, this one’s for you. Deliveroo allows you to order from the best restaurants in the business – from local hotspots to national favourites – and get the food you love delivered fast, right to your doorstep. To kick-start your Deliveroo journey, we’ve got a coupon code just for you.



Enjoyed the world-class service Emirates provided in the past? Time to book yourself another holiday with them using RateX and never miss a coupon code from them again.



In case you haven’t heard, Rosegal offers not only the latest chic womens and mens clothes but also plus-size clothing for curves. If you are having a hard time finding clothes that fit and yet look great on you, check out Rosegal today!


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