Four Beauty Trends You Can’t Miss For 2017 – Spring & Summer

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Every new year, the same old ‘new year, new you’ statement never fail to become one of the world’s favourite captions to use with Instagram posts on 1 January. This year, the beauty world suggests 2017’s ‘new you’ to be a more confident you, whether through your natural self or enhanced by bold makeup. Amongst the best makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2017, here are our favourite 4 beauty trends you should give a go at this year.

Source Vogue

#1 Less is Always More in 2017

2016 was all about showing off the contours of your face through heavy sculpting which you thought were never present. 2017, however, is firstly bringing back the ‘No Makeup’ makeup look to reintroduce the ‘natural you’ as the ‘new you’.

‍Source Glamour

With minimal make up, all the work you really need is spot-correction. Cover up any blemishes with concealer and set with transparent fixing powder. Finish off with a set of feathery brows using clear brow gel to give the natural bare-faced look that every umph. Not only do you not need the next two hours working on your makeup, you can also let your skin breathe day through night while looking put together.

Source Harpers Bazaar

#2 Natural Meets Bold

If you’re feeling slightly more bold, why not add a pop of colour to your lips to bring the minimal makeup look to the next level?

Source Harpers Bazaar

Whether you’re working a bold red lip that Taylor Swift is famous for or a coral-red combo, just remember #1 Less is Always More in 2017. You never want to over do it.

‍‍Source Harpers Bazaar
Source Vogue

#3 Glitter Anything and Everything

While Guy Diamond (from the Trolls Movie fyi) isn’t real, you can carry his unique confidence in the form of glitter lipsglitter eyesglitter nails, glitter ….

Source Harpers Bazaar

#4 Blush Blast

On the extreme opposite of a clean look is a bold pinky flush across the cheeks. Pick your favourite blush (ours is Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Something About Berry) and sweep across the apples of your cheek and up to your temples. Pop on a shimmery highlighter on the high points of your cheek and across your temples; the resulting effect is non-touring or contouring without actually contouring!

Whether you’re more inclined towards a natural, fresh-faced finish, a bold and striking effect or a combination of both, these beauty trends will dictate the beauty world for the next two seasons. Gather your makeup gear and your beauty sisters and get ready for 2017 with your better ‘new self’!

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