Gifts that both your Dad and wallet will love this Father’s Day

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Looking for the perfect gift? Not sure what to get? We’ve picked some pocket-friendly gifts just for you.

The Exercise Maniac Dad

Fitbit Flex

Flexxxx those muscles

One of Fitbit’s most popular devices, it’s an ideal simple gift for Dad when he wants to check out his daily steps, calories and more! It even comes in a variety of colours so you can pick out his favourite! Running a 40% discount on Amazon, there’s no better time to buy it than NOW!

Oakley Sunglasses

Makin’ Dad look 10 years younger one sunglass at a time

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oakley shades. Suitable for any sporty dad, he can use it when he’s running, fishing, but maybe just not when he’s swimming!

The Beer Belly Dad

Growler set

Ooooooooooh Cold Beer

Beer on the go? Here’s a set for you! Super convenient when Dad wants to go anywhere with his favourite beer, or when he wants to head over to his favourite bar to bring their house brew back home. Say bye to all them breakable glass growlers and hi to your brand new Stanley Growler!

Ice Ball Maker

Why have ice cubes when you can have ice balls?

Aside from beer, for Dads that love a cold glass of whiskey, this is the present you need to buy. Perfect for the slow drinker, the spherical ice balls melt slower so you can enjoy your drink without it getting diluted too fast.

The Businessman Dad

Fountain Pen

Smooth writing all day everyday

This is the most convenient fountain pen ever. It’ll fit into Dad’s pocket just fine, and it won’t make a hole in yours either. What’s more, Kaweco is a German manufacturer. It’s a steal!


May the Force be with you

Dad always complaining that he’s losing his cufflinks? Buy him this and he’ll never lose it again. Now on a 73% offer (USD$98 off!), you can’t go wrong with this gift!

The Techsavvy Dad

Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa, order a pizza

The Echo Dot is amazing. It’s voice-controlled, hand-free and can do soooo many things, including making calls, sending and receiving messages… Let’s let Dad go through the rest of the features cause there are just too many!

Amazon Fire

Shows on the go!

Thinner and lighter this season… (Not Dad) The next generation of the Kindle Fire is out with longer battery life and an improved display. It’s even more durable than the latest iPad! Dad will surely thank you for letting him enjoy millions of movies, TV shows and eBooks… Remember, if you’re on a Prime membership, you get thousands of books, movies and songs all FOC!

The Classic Dad

Handwritten Card

The Trump card to Dad’s heart

Feel like all the other gifts are too fancy? Write a simple heartfelt card for Dad!

Funny Shirt

I am your father

If it’s too much effort to write a card, that’s fine! We’ve got you covered. Just get a funny shirt, I’m sure it’ll make him laugh this Father’s Day.

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