How to Hack Taobao: 3 Best Taobao Shopping Tips We Found!

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We love Taobao. From portable chargers to Mona Lisa socks, Taobao is the place to find it cheap. BUT Taobao can also be confusing, so here’s 3 of our favourite hacks for shopping on Taobao!

1. How to find cheap dupes on Taobao

Sometimes we want things we can’t afford, but that’s not a problem anymore. Taobao’s ‘search by image’ function is amazing if you want cheap dupes for expensive stuff! Here’s a quick demo:

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singaporeI found this cropped sweater on ASOS that looks kinda cute, but I didn’t want to spend $30 on a sweater when I’m always melting in this Singapore weather.

2 how to hack taobao search by image singaporeSo I saved the image…

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singaporeWent to Taobao > clicked on the ‘camera’ icon > uploaded my image
(this also works on Taobao’s mobile app)

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singaporeAnd Taobao showed me everything similar to my image!

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singaporeI browsed around and found this sweater that I liked. It has the same mustard colour and same cropped style I wanted but best of all, IT WAS 3 TIMES CHEAPER!!! The ASOS sweater was SGD30.17, but the Taobao sweater only cost around SGD10.17.

*** To use this function, you must change your region to ‘中国大陆’ ***

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singapore1. Click the ‘country’ option at the top left corner

how to hack taobao find fashion replica cheap dupes on taobao singapore2. Select ‘中国大陆’ (second option) and you will be redirected to the correct page

2. How to find the best stuff on Taobao

Taobao is huge and it takes time to find the best product. How many pages must I scroll through before I find the perfect pair of jeans??! Thankfully, I’ve found some tips to shop Taobao the smart way:

how to hack taobao find cool stuff on taobao singaporeTo discover cool products on Taobao, Taobao Hacks shares interesting stuff like “20 Taobao Products for People Who Were Not Build for Hot Weather” and “20 Taobao Products for the Incurably Lazy” (both describe me perfectly). They even indicate the price in SGD and ratings for quality, service and delivery!

how to hack taobao find best deals on taobao singapore

To find good deals on Taobao, Tejia Taobao shares the best deals each day. My favourite section is ’10元包邮’, where everything costs ¥10 and below. Converting to SGD, this means that EVERYTHING HERE COSTS AROUND $2 OR LESS!!! It’s like Daiso in the comfort of your home.

how to hack taobao find same similar stuff on taobao singaporeI also love Taobao’s ‘find the same’ and ‘find similar’ functions, which will appear when you hover your cursor over a product. If you’re on Taobao’s mobile app, just press and hold on the item.

how to hack taobao find similar products taobao singapore‘Find similar’ shows you similar products on Taobao, which is great when you want a quick glance of the various styles and options available.

how to hack taobao find the same product taobao singapore‘Find the same’ shows you the exact same products out there, so you can easily find the cheapest or most reliable seller.

3. How to pay less on Taobao

It’s no secret that you get charged extra 3% service fee when you pay by credit card. One solution is to use Internet Banking or ATM Fund Transfer to avoid those fees, but some days I get lazy and it feels too troublesome. I want something easier, something more convenient.

Enter RateX.

how to hack taobao lowest exchange rate sgd credit card service fee on taobao singapore ratexThis Chrome extension automatically appears at the check out page to show you the lowest price out there. It will find the lowest exchange rates and remove service fees on Taobao, while you just sit back and watch the magic happen. I still can’t believe I managed to save $40.87!!!

For a step-to-step guide, check out this video!

Happy shopping!

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