If You Love Rogue One You’re Not Gonna Miss This

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Turns out “Rogue One” is seriously good. With the amount of attention given to the franchise, there’s really no shortage of Star Wars toys and collectibles available in the market. To help you collect ‘em all, we have chosen these 3 must-haves available on Amazon.com. Best part of it? All of them are priced at US$30 and under!

Metal Earth Star Wars Model Kits


These intricately-detailed and easy-to-assemble steel model kits are fun to build by yourself or with your child. Plus, with a wide selection of vehicles and characters from the Star Wars universe, you can choose your favorite and grow your collection over time.

Price: Starting at $12.95. Available at Amazon.com.

2-Pack of Death Star Silicone Ice Molds


Keep drinks chilled with the help of the Empire’s ultimate tool of destruction, the Death Star. Each mold makes a 2.41-inch ball of ice in the shape of the planetary super weapon.

Price: $9.89. Available at Amazon.com

Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker


Take a break from your Jedi training to enjoy a cool treat. This popsicle-maker comes with two lightsaber hilts for Luke and two more for Darth Vader. It makes a great gift for both big and little Star Wars fans, plus, they also light-up!

Price: $20.94. Available from Amazon.com.

These 3 items are probably the best bang for buck Star Wars collectibles you can get from Amazon right now! With FREE global shipping, these items can easily help you hit the minimum for it and trust us, you wouldn’t regret getting them. May the force be with you.