Live On 11 More Sites Including EzBuy,, ASOS, Sephora & More

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Have you ever been in a situation where you bought something only to find out later that there was a coupon code that could’ve given you a huuuuge discount?

RateX’s coupon feature makes sure that never happens again. Now we’ve added 11 more websites that includes your top favorites like EzBuy, ASOS, Sephora, Shopee, Uniqlo, & many more.

How it looks on EzBuy – Save 15% off shipping fees!

Just head on over to any of our supported websites and when you checkout, our extension will automatically appear with a whole list of coupon codes you can try out! By clicking “Apply”, we’ll even do all the copy and pasting for you! It’s super fast and super convenient. You’ll never have to miss out on FREE savings, and you’ll never have to look for your own codes ever again!

List of New Websites:

– Althea
 – ezbuy
 – HerVelvetVase
 – HipVan
 – HonestBee
 – Redmart
 – Sephora
 – Shopee
 – Uniqlo

What if my extension isn’t updated?

New sites don’t appear? Just follow these simple steps to update!

Click on the button with three dots, scroll down to More Tools and click on Extensions.

Once you reach this page, make sure Developer Mode is ticked, then simply click Update Extensions Now and you’re all set!