We are now even BIGGER! RateX is LIVE on 5 Amazon sites but Taobao…

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You heard it! — you can start using RateX to save on shopping on Amazon Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Starting today, you can now benefit from lower exchange rates and savings from coupon codes when you shop there with us!

Here is a quick step-by-step Amazon shopping guide!

1. Look for it

Search for it using keywords in the search box at the top of each page.

Pro tip: If you have nothing to buy, feel free to browse through the bestseller lists and features! There will be interesting products shown. Let’s see if you can resist the temptation.

2. Read the reviews

You will be able to find honest reviews of the product you wants to buy.

Pro tip: If you are bored, you can read the reviews on Amazon for some entertainment. Be sure to right-click to Google translate the page if you do not understand German, Italian, French or Spanish reviews.

3. Add it to your shopping cart

Click Add to cart or In den Einkaufswagen or Ajouter au panier to save it.

When you are ready to commit to it, click the checkout button – Proceed to Checkout or Passer la commande or Zur Kasse gehen

4. Purchase it!

Sign in to your Amazon account and complete your purchase. Be sure to key in the correct delivery address.

Pro tip: If you wanna save yourself from the nasty hidden credit card charges and transaction fees, use RateX to make your payment!

5. Voila! You just treat yourself 🙂

You will receive a confirmation email from Amazon. If you have make your purchases using RateX, you should receive an email confirming your payment from them too.

You can check the status of your order anytime through your Amazon account.

Hope you find this short guide fun and useful! If you have any pro tips, feel free to share with our Facebook Community!

But Taobao is leaving RateX…

It was a tough decision.

We are very upset to announce that RateX will no longer be supporting payments for your Taobao purchases anymore from 16th September 2018, 2359 (GMT +8).

We have bigger plans and better deals in store for our loyal RateX supporters! Therefore, we are channeling our resources and efforts to make it a HUGE success!

All Taobao payment requests made before 16th September 2018, 2359 (GMT +8) will be processed dutifully. Any unsuccessful Taobao payments will be automatically refunded. You may choose to submit another payment request before the stipulated deadline.

All Taobao refund requests must be sent in before 16th December 2018, 2359 (GMT +8). Any unclaimed refunds will be forfeited automatically.


If you haven’t already, make sure to download the RateX browser extension here and sign up for a RateX account.

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