RateX just went LIVE on Guardian and eBay!

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This week, we are welcoming two new members to the RateX family of coupon codes for online shopping. We are excited to say that one of them is another huge online retailer!

Starting today, you can now use our browser extension to apply coupon codes when you shop from Guardian, a health and beauty retailer joining the others on the list – Sephora, Althea and Vexicot. We also brought in eBay, one of the biggest international online e-commerce boasting items ranging from vinyl records to beds and mattresses.

Be on the lookout for more awesome deals from these new websites and as always, here are some coupon codes for you to start your shopping on them! Remember to download the RateX browser extension to stay updated with the newest coupon codes as they come along!

eBay coupon code Guardian Coupon Code


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