STEAM Summer Sale Is Here! Here’s How You Can Get It Much Cheaper

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How To Buy For Less This Steam Summer Sale

Hop on to Amazon Steam Gift Cards and check out with us – its cheaper than buying on Steam itself and paying with your card!

Now that we got that aside…let’s look at the titles!

  1. Shadow Of Modor (80% off)

Right now, Shadow Of Modor are at 80% off and its a crazy good deal. As Redditor Seppic put it,

1880 upvotes. Must be real!

It has been out for a few years but at $3.99, it’s a no-brainer for those that havent tried it yet. Most probably a ploy by Warner Bros to get as many people playing it before its sequel comes out (Shadow of War)

  1. Final Fantasy

A true classic, if you haven’t already grabbed one, now’s the time with 50%

Final Fantasy Type-0 at 50% off, FF XIII at 50% off, FF XIII-2 also at 50% off

  1. Call of Duty

CoD here has its titles ranging from 20-50% off as well. Perfect training for those waiting for BMT (Hint: Here’s how SG kids train for their marksmanship Gold)

Here’s an Doge. He’s cute

  1. Dishonored 2

A game with terrific gameplay, the violence and open world concept is not targeted for kids. At $19.99, would be a good buy for those looking to play beyond the usual classics

Dishonored 2 is 50% off
  1. Other Titles

50% off Tyranny

50% off The Witcher 3, Grim Dawn

60% off Pillars of Eternity and Darkest Dungeon,

34% off Hollow Knight

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