Top Easter Deals On Amazon You Dont Want To Miss

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Why crowd in a shopping mall when you can spend your long weekend sleeping in, order take-outs, save on the best reviewed products on Amazon?

This Easter, we found many Easter deals on Amazon and handpicked top deals to help you save and get the best out of Amazon. Here they are:

1.The Miracle Selfie Stick – Anker Selfie Stick

Get the Anker Selfie Stick for just $8 USD with code BEST7160 (Original price: $12)

Anker Selfie Stick

This selfie stick is like a God sent for your narcissistic friends, the travel nazi and anyone who is just learning the art of selfie. Light, handy and super solid, this selfie stick also comes with an 18-month warranty – which means you could vouch on its quality and stay worry-free while taking endless selfies.

Get Anker Selfie Stick on Amazon

2.Your Digital Moleskin – Tracing Light Box

Now for USD $34.99 from $90 (that’s more than 50% off!)

Tracing Light Box

What better way to enhance your creativity than drawing and communicating your endless ideas on this box. With the hefty price tag now removed, this is also a perfect gift for your artsy friend who is constantly sketching on their moleskin books and transferring their art to Photoshop. Say goodbye to paper and moleskin and hello to your new art friend.

Get this Tracing Light Box on Amazon

3.The Phone Saver – Anker Portable Battery

Now for USD $19.99 from $49.99

Anker 10,400 mAh portable battery

Charges fast, light and convenient, this 10,400 mAh portable battery is definitely a steal deal. Rated 5 star on Amazon by 266 reviewers this portable battery charges your phone up to 4 times and is only the size of your palm.

Get Anker 10,400 mAh Portable Battery on Amazon

4.The figure hugging dress

Now for USD $26.98 from $59.99

Laksmi Figure Hugging Dress

One-of-a-kind dress in 10 different colours that hugs a woman’s figure so perfectly she looks so flattering yet at the same time modest.

Get this because you’ll unlikely find a dress like this even if you walk around orchard road for hours scouring every clothes store.

Just as Bruce Springsteen sang a Good Man is Hard to Find, a good dress is rare to come by too.

Get Laksmi Figure Hugging Dress on Amazon

5. More than just a pretty lamp – Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now USD $24.99 from $39.99

USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp is famous for its healing benefits. The lamp is often used to destress, create a tranquil space and freshen up the air. This lamp makes a perfect gift for your overworked desk friends who are constantly sluggish or for yourself who needs a calming atmosphere in busy Singapore.

This lamp is also powered by USB which means you can easily plug it into your laptop!

Get Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp on Amazon

Last but not least…

6.Rekindle your reading habits with Amazon Fire HD 8’’ Tablet

Now USD $69.99 from $89.99

Amazon Fire HD 8″ Tablet

With up to 12 hours of battery life, a stunning 8’’ HD Display  and blue shade function (for a comfortable read at night…), this tablet will excite your reading palate, enrich your reading experience and rekindle your love for reading!

Not a book fan? This tablet also works as an entertainment hub for you and your family. Watch Amazon videos, shop on Amazon, play games and interact with Alexa (Amazon’s version of Siri) and more. For only $69.99, this tablet is definitely an affordable alternative to an iPad.

Get Amazon Fire HD 8” Tablet on Amazon

Happy Easter everyone!